British Ethical Underwear Brands to Check Out this Year

Ethically-made and sustainable underwear and lingerie are something I’ve been really getting into recently. Firstly, I know where it’s been designed, then lovingly made, and – most importantly – who by. I have put together a list of some fantastic UK-based brands who are killin’ it.

Fruity Booty

Minna and Hattie set up Fruity Booty in London with the intention to ‘celebrate normality rather than idealised perfection’. The brand goes to show that sustainable lingerie doesn’t have to be boring!

Lara Intimates

Hackney-based Lara Intimates is both seriously hot and stylishly cool. Whatever your desire, Lara Intimates has it; from thongs to high-waist briefs, and all at reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong.


Birdsong’s slogan is ‘No Sweatshops, No Photoshop’, an ethos I’m completely on board with. The store has a set of bra and knickers made out of super soft bamboo fibres, and they’re perfect for everyday wear.


Based on the Isle of Wight, Rapanui’s items are all made in the UK using organic materials. What’s more, their factory is powered by renewable energy. How cool is that!?


Mamoq is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life. Described as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your lifestyle needs, and it’s especially good for underwear. Pick up a few pairs from on its many concessions such as Olly and ADVA! The choice is yours.

Georgia Shipley

To date, Georgia has self-published her own collection of poems titled Girl, Drowning which focuses on the themes of depression, relationships and self-love. Her collection takes readers on a journey of two halves: The Rising and The Descent.

In 2019 she graduated from university, reading English Language & Creative Writing (BA) Joint Hons, and has previously worked in Social Media, Marketing, and Copywriting. Now, Georgia is the Editor of TFE in her spare time.

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