The 3-minute Shower could save you Money on your Water Bill

We’ve all been told, “Don’t let the water run when washing your hands or brushing your teeth, as it wastes water.” (a whole six litres, in fact!) But do we take the same into account when using our showers? The three-minute shower has become a revelation for TFE team, and a firm favourite of our Editor.

Is it a race against the clock?

Not at all. The three-minute shower means that you’re only switching on your water when you need it.

In fact our Editor, Georgia, has been embracing her natural curls for the best part of eight months, and has the three-minute shower to thank for more time to do her hair on a morning.

1 minute:

If it’s a wash day for my curls, I get in the shower, switch on the water, and soak my hair so it’s sopping wet.

2 minutes:

Next, I’ll shampoo my hair and switch on the shower again to rinse whilst also ensuring my body get’s wet too before washing that.

3 minutes:

Having switched off the water, I condition my hair and let that soak in, whilst I wash the rest of my body etc. Once I feel squeaky clean, I switch on the water again and rinse away the conditioner and suds from my body wash. Et voilà: My 3-minute shower is complete!

More tips for money-saving showers

To save even more money, you could try purchasing a water-saving shower-head which enables you to enjoy a shower using just 32 litres!

Electrical showers are also extremely eco-friendly as they heat up the water rapidly as it enters the shower head, therefore only using the water that you need.

There are plenty of water-saving gadgets, as recommended by Which that alert you when you’ve been in the shower for too long. Your water company may also supply things such as:

  • a shower-flow regulator that screws onto the bottom of your shower hose;
  • shower timers that attach to your shower wall with a suction cup.

What do you think to the three-minute shower?

Georgia Shipley

To date, Georgia has self-published her own collection of poems titled Girl, Drowning which focuses on the themes of depression, relationships and self-love. Her collection takes readers on a journey of two halves: The Rising and The Descent.

In 2019 she graduated from university, reading English Language & Creative Writing (BA) Joint Hons, and has previously worked in Social Media, Marketing, and Copywriting. Now, Georgia is the Editor of TFE in her spare time.

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