Why reusable cotton pads will save the planet

You’re taking your makeup off, (us sustainable beauty fanatics have already ditched the monstrosity that is makeup wipes) except you’re using disposable cotton pads… well, these are actually creating just as much waste. 

Disposable cotton pads are non-biodegradable, meaning that they take hundreds of years to break down, and when considering how many disposable cotton pads are used, it’s a substantial amount of waste. They collect and gather in rivers, hurt the wildlife, and damage our ecosystems.

By changing to reusable cotton pads, you will be reducing the crazy amount of cotton pads dumped into our landfills constantly. The planet will thank you. 

They’re so simple!

Grab your cotton pad, apply the makeup remover, take off your makeup, and simply wash them either inside an adorable mesh bag that the majority of them come in, or just chuck them in individually. One wash, they’re clean as a whistle, and you can use them again and again. I personally love mine.

Where to buy?

Although we have never really been taught about the seriousness of disposable cotton pads, and haven’t really heard about reusable ones much, they extremely easy to find.

Your local drug store such as Boots and Superdrug, or grocery stores, your local eco-friendly stores such as Holland & Barretts, online stores like Amazon if more convenient for you, or our favourite option, to support small businesses and buy on Etsy, where you can get fun patterns and colours also!

Are they hygienic?

You may be thinking, that can’t be hygienic! But believe it or not, after a cycle in the washing machine, they are as clean as they were the day you purchased them. Of course, after a long period of time, they begin to change shape after so much usage. They are also still totally healthy, some argue even better for your skin than ordinary ones.

You can save money

Not only are reusable cotton pads saving the planet, but they are also saving you money. A pack of 50 cotton pads are super cheap, but over time it does add up. While reusable cotton pads are also extremely affordable and can last you a lifetime. Win-win!

When upgrading your beauty and skincare regime, to help save the planet, be sure to add reusable cotton pads.

Will you be buying your own?

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  1. Alisha Williams

    Hi Courtney,

    I’ve just come across your article and it’s very interesting and so encouraging! I’ve been meaning to make sustainable changes for a while now and with lockdown, I haven’t really thought about it but this article has inspired me to make the change NOW! 🙂

    As you recommended, I’ve ordered two batches from two small businesses on Etsy and I am sooooo excited to switch to these 🙂 – they also look A LOT better than the typical disposal ones too!

    Thank you for your recommendations!
    Alisha x

    1. Courtney Haines-Piper

      Thank you so much Alisha! I hope you enjoyed the articles, and enjoy the cotton pads!! They’re so useful! X

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