Our Editor

To date, Georgia has self-published her own collection of poems titled Girl, Drowning which focuses on the themes of depression, relationships and self-love. Her collection takes readers on a journey of two halves: The Rising and The Descent.

In 2019 she graduated from university, reading English Language & Creative Writing (BA) Joint Hons, and has previously worked in Social Media, Marketing, and Copywriting. Now, Georgia is working for the Ministry of Justice.

Why The Frugal Edit?

“When starting The Frugal Edit, I realised I’d sort of come full circle from my roots of blogging about charity shopping, second-hand, and vintage clothes when I was about 16. I remember the buzz about going into my local town centre on a weekend, purchasing items, and skipping merrily home to get out my compact camera and discuss said items.

It’s strange how my tastes changed, my style has evolved since then (for better or worse, I’m not sure!) but my shopping habits have more or less stayed the same. I love nothing more than a good rummage in charity shops in Leeds — Horsforth and Headingley are particularly fantastic! Even at University, I would love taking myself off into the city centre for some finds.”

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